This Guy Set a World Record By Running a Mile and Drinking Four Beers, All in Under Five Minutes

When you were younger, you might have been stupid enough to try chugging a galoon of milk and running a mile. That’s a very juvenile and immature thing to do.
When you are a grown up,you do it with beer.

The so-called Beer Mile is a real thing that people actually do, a-one-mile race in which the runner must stop every 400 meters to drink a beer – and the record was held by Jim Finlayson of British Columbia at 5:09 flat.

But two-time NCAA champion James Nielsen, aka “The Beast” broke that record.

The Beast says he trained for a year to break the record , including getting back to running shape, as well as training his stomach. He says he studied anatomy and “the physics of fluid dynamics and air displacement.”


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