Halima Abubakar Shares New Sexy Photos As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar is a year older today and she has released some hot and sexy photos to celebrate her day.

The excited Kano-born actress/UN Ambassador took her Instagram page to treat her fans to some cute photos.

She also dropped a message for her lovers and her haters who have always labeled her a ‘sharer’.

She shared the photo below with the caption: “If there s one thing I hold very very protectively is my womanhood yep!!!am not a sharer regardless of what has been written about me in 13years.yes 13years in nollywood is like being born and allowing u to grow on or own.I starved,made fronds who made dem self enemies of mine! Still love u all.. I just want to tank u all for d love, lies,hate,encouragement and d zeal to prove u all wrong.. Am a great woman and any man I marry would be lucky to have me.. PS I love d hardship, gossips,rumours and support u all have given me.I remain my loyal self Amb Hali.aAbubakar.”

Halima obviously likes to pose in front of a camera and she has been criticised for her weight.

However, she recently lost some weight and later shared some photos of herself in sexy print dress.
Check out more photos below:


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