I Left The Music Scene Because I Had To Catch Up With My Childhood- Mo’Cheddah

Mo’cheddah who came back on the music scene with a hit song,“Destinambari”has said in an interview with asoft sell magazinethat, the break she took from the music scene was because she was losing touch with a lot of things especially her childhood. She also said her new single was inspired by the popular old Indian film Destinambari.

Why did you decide to take a break at a time your career was blossoming?

I felt I needed the break at that time because I started early as a child artist and I have achieved a whole lot. I won all the awards possible. I won MAMA Award; I won Channel O Award, Dynanix Award, etc.

I have done a whole lot of shows too. So it got to a point where I had to take a break because I realized there was a gap in my life.

I missed a lot of things. I missed times with my friends, I missed my childhood; for me, the break was necessary and I did that to catch up with my childhood so that I don’t lose it. So during the break, I was having fun at the same time working on my arts. And I think I am now a better artist.

What inspired your new song ‘Destinambari’?

Love inspired the song. I looked from outside when I was recording the song. I talked to myself, what type of music will I want to hear now; what type of music do I want to listen to and “Destinambari” came.

It is a love song. It is soft, it calms you, and it is a mirror of who I am. It is a deeper love song, giving yourself to your partner, loving your husband unconditionally and not holding anything back.

The old Indian film “Destinambari” inspired the title. The movie was a big one. I loved the movie and I have always wanted to do something with the movie. The significance of “Destinambari” is 10/10 and it is a lucky number in India.

It is a perfect number. So what I am trying to portray with it is perfect love. And I have always wanted to take people back, and I knew a lot of people would relate to that song, relate to the movie and the story in the movie.


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