Nigerian Idol 2014 Winner Evelle Vows To Pay Tithe, Dedicates Victory To God

Nigerian Idol 2014 Winner Zibili Evelyn, Evelle Narrates How God Helped Her Win, Vows To Pay Tithe

Whoever is Evelle’s pastor should be smiling to the bank very soon because for the singer, the need to show gratitude to God is paramount. Evelle says the first thing she would do is pay her tithes and then she’d get down to doing good music.

“I held God by the neck for this victory so I’m going to pay my tithes,” Evelle

says on her immediate plans, “and then I’m going to make more music because I
believe that more music means more peace, more joy, more love and more of everything
positive you can think of.

“Music can actually give you so much joy and a lot more. And that’s what I’m going to be doing because I need to extend my music and my message to the whole world,” she adds flashing a row of perfect teeth as another bright smile

“I just said to myself, ‘okay Evelle, for you to win you need to get more people to vote for you; I knew I needed God. So I went to God in prayer and I told Him, ‘Baba, I don’t know how this is going to happen but I want to give my best shot and I want you to help me do this. Even those that are voting for my opponents would be compelled to vote for me this time’,”she says with the sound of joyful laughter ringing loudly.


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