Muma Gee: “I Spend Over N500k To Do My Hair”

She just had a set of twins and hence she has been on a low-key.

The new mother and actress/singer — Muma Gee spoke to Punch about fashion and said she spends alot on her hair and tattoos are evil

Read below: –

I am sorry to say this but I believe tattoos are evil. I might be naive and I am not trying to be hypocritical. You leave your skin in the hands of another person and you don’t know what the person is hiding under that inscription on your body. You don’t know when you are given a mark that God wouldn’t want you to have. I don’t wear it and I don’t intend to. If I must wear tattoo, it must be temporary and just for the show of it.

She also says she spends at least 500 thousand to make her hair…She said

I agree. I invest a lot in my hair. A lot of cash, energy and time go into my hair. It takes like eight hours to get my hair done. Basically, it is a special and patient person that can do my hair. Not everybody has the patience or can be meticulous enough to do my hair.The hair piece alone costs a lot of money, especially in these days of human hair. I normally use 11 packs of human hair and each piece is not less than N60, 000. At the end of the day, I end up spending about N500, 000 to do my hair at once.Don’t get me wrong. It is actually the hair pieces that can go for that amount and those hair pieces can last for years. I have had hair extensions that have lasted for over 10 years. Each time I remove the weaves, I take it to hair companies and they treat the hair and they are as good as new.


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