Abuja Blast: Suspect Was Shouting “People Will DIE!” – Military

Confirming the death of Abuja blast alleged bomber, the Nigerian military narrated how it happened.

According to the statement officially released on Friday on the Defence Headquarters website, the suspect, who was taken to hospital after had been shot by the military while trying to escape from the scene, died in the hospital, Premium Times reports.

It was claimed that in the hospital the suspect kept shouting: “People will die! people will die!”

Speaking about the immediate action after the explosion, which has already claimed 24 lives, the military said:

“The soldiers pursued the fleeing suspects and shot at one who fell off the bike with his bag, while the rider escaped through the crowd. The bag recovered from the suspect was later confirmed to contain a package of IED and other accessories.”

It was also added that another suspect nabbed at the scene was under interrogation. The statement added that 15 more suspects were later apprehended in the country capital after a raid that led to the recovery of weaponry.

It would be recalled that Abuja shopping mall Emab Plaza was rocked by a ghastly explosion this Wednesday. While police first stated that 21 people were killed in the attack, the Health Minister yesterday said that 24 victims died.

Shortly after the bombing it was made known that one suspect was shot and one arrested in connection with the case.


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