I Was Abandoned After Our Famous Match With Nigeria’s AGN – Van Vicker

Van Vicker

Van Vicker

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is not happy. Remember some AGN members led by Ibinabo Fiberesimatravelled to Ghana in March to play a football match with their Ghanaian counterparts? Well, that match brought Van Vicker to where he is now.

Van Vicker during the match sustained a very serious injury which made him hospitalized for days and later had to leave the country for United States for better treatment, but the guild abandoned him shortly after that he said.

’I was first admitted at Sunshine Hospital in Ghana and later transferred to United states of America where I am still receiving medical treatment, but had to come to Ghana to continue with my movie shoot, and then go back for check- up’.

‘I believe one of the responsibilities of the Guild is to support its members, or support the interest of Ghanaian actors. I am a member of GAG and that was why I went to play for the Guild and also to represent Ghana in the name of the Guild. I was told that the match was to celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day and if for nothing at all, the Guild should have shown concern,’ he lamented.

‘I think it is a sign of ingratitude, because it’s just like going to work for a friend and getting injured in the process and the friend turns deaf ears to how you are recovering’ he said.


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