Brody Jenner Explains Why He Skipped Kim Kardashian’s Wedding: I Don’t Know Kanye West “Like At All,” “I’ve Had One Conversation With Him”

Brody Jenner has three reasons why he didn’t attend stepsister Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Florence, Italy wedding in May– literally. During his podcast The Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr. Mike Dowon Thursday, July 17, the reality star revealed, rather surprisingly, that he and West barely know one another.

“There are a few reasons that came into play on why I didn’t go to Kim’s — one thing being it was in Paris, which is a long way away.Reggie Bush’s wedding was right down the street. It was in San Diego so it was a lot closer,” the 30 year-old said. (The NFL player wed fiancee Lilit Avagyanon July 12.)

“The second reason is she didn’t let anybody know in the family until like right before — only a few weeks notice,” Jenner continued.”By that time I booked stuff that weekend. I was working and had DJ gigs.”

Lastly,Bruce Jenner’s son admitted that he’s just not that close to his stepsister’s beau. “To be completely honest, I don’t know Kanye. Like at all. I really don’t,” Jenner said on his podcast. “I’ve had one conversation with him that maybe lasted 15 seconds or 20 seconds.

I’ve known Reggie for a very long time. Reggie dated Kim for years and I developed a very close relationship with Reggie and Lilit. We spent a lot more time together as a whole.”

“That’s not to say I didn’t call Kim and say, ‘I wish you the best and I love you and support you. This is a great decision,” Jenner explained further. “But by the way — I would have loved to have gone to that wedding…it just didn’t work out and it’s all good.”


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