Rachel McAdams “Was In Awe” of Lindsay Lohan on Mean Girls Set and “Learned So Much” From Philip Seymour Hoffman

Rachel McAdams told Allure in its August 2014 issue that she was awe struck by Lindsay Lohan while filming Mean Girls more than ten years ago.

“If anything, I was in awe of her talent,” McAdams, now 35, said of Lohan. “I looked at her as this experienced actor, and she had great comedic timing, so natural.”

McAdams also addressed rumors of Lohan being intimidated by her on the movie’s set. “It’s just funny to hear that because you never know what people are thinking,” she said. “We all try to act like we’ve got it together.”

At the time, McAdams was a little known actress on the cusp of worldwide fame, while Lohan had already established herself as one of Hollywood’s most promising talents.

The tides turned that same year when McAdams starred in Nicholas Sparks’ film adaptation of The Notebook, opposite Ryan Gosling. And while their real life romance fizzled in 2007, McAdams told Allure that she “for sure” and “absolutely” still believes in true love. The Canadian beauty has even channeled her romantic side with starring roles in dramas like 2009’s The Time Traveler’s Wife, 2012’s The Vow, and 2013’s About Time.

Up next, McAdams will appear in A Most Wanted Man opposite the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

“I learned so much from him,” McAdams said of the actor, who died from a drug overdose in February. “He really takes you under — he really took me under his wing. You feel very taken care of, but at the same time there’s an element of danger: There’s a crackle in every scene. He makes sure the stakes are very high, and there’s a safety there, too. He had so much natural, raw talent, but he worked so hard, too. He really worked for it and didn’t let up. I’m sure that wasn’t easy.”


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