Beyonce “Killed It” With Fifty Shades of Grey “Crazy In Love” Remake, Producer Boots Says

Crazy in love — with Mr. Christian Grey. The newly released Fifty Shades of Grey trailer features a super sultry version of Beyonce’s 2003 smash hit “Crazy In Love.”

Now, producer Boots– who collaborated with Queen Bey for the majority of her 2013 self-titled album, opened up about the process of creating the score and how Bey’s repeat-worthy re-recorded vocals gave him chills.

“It just fits,” Boots told Complex magazine on why he chose the specific song for the trailer. “I like to think of myself as more than just a producer. I look at what we did for the trailer and this version of the song is, very much in my opinion, a score. It was something that I consciously scored.”

“Whenever it comes to the stuff that Bey and I do, I’ll never speak for her, but I think that she killed it,” he continued. “She just absolutely killed it. The acapellas that she did gives me chills, so it’s really dope.”

Boots produced the track during an “incredible day” for the trailer, which he calls “super sexy.” He worked on it in a sound stage at Universal Studios, but it was more like a movie theater, he explained.

“I just went into a black hole and just heard it the way I wanted it to sound in my head and all the snares and sh-t are me slamming doors around the studio and kicking things over. Nothing was a drum sample in that and everything suddenly started having this breathing life and started feeling more than just a regular song,” he told the mag. “Bey killed it with her voice,” he added. “It’s the craziest sh-t I’ve ever heard.”

Boots laughed off the S&M theme of the film, which stars Irish actor Jamie Dornan as Grey and Dakota Johnson as innocent and submissive Anastasia Steele.

Instead, he thinks the track perfectly aligned with the raunchy storyline.
“I think it was just falling in love can make you do crazy sh-t. That was the spirit of the original song in the first place, we flipped it and it kind of became a whole thing,” he explained. He added:

“It was a cat and mouse thing happening in the trailer and I felt that it needed to feel that way in the build of the score.”


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