D’Banj About to Sign New Beat by Dre Deal

Koko master, D’banj is indeed happy with himself as he has been able to win many hearts but in music and outside music.

The Nigerian artiste who has featured both in the local and international music scene, seems to be getting it all rosy when it looked as if he was almost forgotten even with criticisms from fans on his ability to remain relevant in the music industry.

Despite all those issues, the artiste still kept his head high. Known as an entrepreneur, D’banj has continued to cross many boundaries with any challenges of any sort.

Following his fight for agricultural development in Nigeria and Africa at large, the singer was recently at world submits held at Washington DC in USA with other Nigerian celebrities. As if that was not good enough, he took another journey to California to meet with one of his mentors, Bobby Shiver who is a member of the Kennedy Family.

Surprisingly, at the just concluded MTV Video Music Awards(VMA), the singer was invited as a VIP Guest by the Vice President Marketing of BEATS by Dre, Jason White. Indeed, the Koko master is really making a name for himself and registering Nigeria’s name on a strong tower.


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