Matthew Knowles

Matthew Knowles other baby mama, former
lingerie model Taqoya Brancomb sat down
with Inside Edition recently and opened up
about her affair with Mathew Knowles where
she readily admitted to sleeping with Matthew
while he was married to Beyonce’s mum, Tina
“Yes, I slept with a married man and
it was the wrong thing to do, but I
have a beautiful daughter who came
out of the situation.”
Taqoya said Mathew treated her like ‘the love
of his life’ until she got pregnant…and also
claims he lied to her about having a
vasectomy and has made it very clear he
wants nothing to do with her or their daughter,
4 year old model and actress, Koi Knowles
(pictured right). Continue…
IE: When you told Mathew Knowles that you
were pregnant with his child, how did he react?
Taqoya: “It can’t be my child.” Before then,
Taqoya says, “He treated me like I was the
love of his life.”
After she had Koi, Mathew Knowles refused to
play any role in her life, not even making an
effort to meet her.
Taqoya said, “He does not want to be a father.
He makes it very clear.”
IE: “How does that make you feel?”
“His loss,” she replied.
IE: “He’s not financially supporting Koi?”
“No,” she replied.
IE: “Court records show you were arrested for
prostitution. What happened?
“I was 20, 21 years old. I was a dancer at a
prominent strip club. There was a raid. When
everything was cleared up it was dismissed,”
she said.


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