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The rate at which these entertainers are joining
politics, there will be no one left to entertain us
Award winning TV and Radio broadcaster,
Dayo ‘D1′ Adeneye, is going for Ogun State
House of Assembly, Odogbolu Constituency
under APC in the 2015 elections, while singer
Muma Gee is going for House of Reps, Abua/
Odua and Ahoada East LGA, Rivers State under
PDP. Muma Gee even shared pics of her
officially collecting her nomination form. See
that below…




Matthew Knowles

Matthew Knowles other baby mama, former
lingerie model Taqoya Brancomb sat down
with Inside Edition recently and opened up
about her affair with Mathew Knowles where
she readily admitted to sleeping with Matthew
while he was married to Beyonce’s mum, Tina
“Yes, I slept with a married man and
it was the wrong thing to do, but I
have a beautiful daughter who came
out of the situation.”
Taqoya said Mathew treated her like ‘the love
of his life’ until she got pregnant…and also
claims he lied to her about having a
vasectomy and has made it very clear he
wants nothing to do with her or their daughter,
4 year old model and actress, Koi Knowles
(pictured right). Continue…
IE: When you told Mathew Knowles that you
were pregnant with his child, how did he react?
Taqoya: “It can’t be my child.” Before then,
Taqoya says, “He treated me like I was the
love of his life.”
After she had Koi, Mathew Knowles refused to
play any role in her life, not even making an
effort to meet her.
Taqoya said, “He does not want to be a father.
He makes it very clear.”
IE: “How does that make you feel?”
“His loss,” she replied.
IE: “He’s not financially supporting Koi?”
“No,” she replied.
IE: “Court records show you were arrested for
prostitution. What happened?
“I was 20, 21 years old. I was a dancer at a
prominent strip club. There was a raid. When
everything was cleared up it was dismissed,”
she said.

I’m Not Ready To Commit Myself To The Mother Of My Kids – Rapper Reminisce Reveals

Reminisce with Toke Makinwa during a recent interview
I am sure most of you don’t know fast rising rapper and Samsung ambassador,Reminisceis a father.

Not just a father of one, but two.Reminiscelives with the mother of his children, but he says he is not ready to formalize the union because he is still planning his future.

I am having issues with commitment he said. He also noted that he wrote Goldie’s popular song, Don’t Touch My Body, but he has no issues with her and her management for not crediting him.

He also spoke about the reason why he does not flaunt his wealth on social media. His words toPunch;
About formalizing his union with the mother of his two kids;

“Yes, we live together. But we have issues with commitment. I think we are not ready for marriage yet. We will formalize things when the right time comes. I am still planning my future because I am not going to be a musician forever.

I will quit music, maybe after a decade. I hope to also study Political Science overseas because I want to go into politics (House of Representatives) at some point as well.” Continue..
On why he does not flaunt his wealth on social media;

“I am a very reserved artiste. I am able to differentiate between Reminisce the artiste andRemithe family man. That is why I don’t promote luxury.

There is nothing I need that I can’t afford, but I am not going to show off on social media. When artistes do such a thing, they appear superficial and unapproachable to their fans. Instead, I simply invest in people.”

She Reveals “Am still in a relationship” – Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic covers the latest issue of Blanck Digital magazine& she slays it!

In the mag the Nollywood star dishes on a topic she usually shies away from…her love life. She reveals she is currently in a relationship and is very happy. Speaking on her love life Rita said,

I feel grateful, thankful and excited as well. Not many have the opportunity to get to this number and for the most part, I have had a good life. Yes I am dating someone and I am in a happy place. I’m good.

She also reveals that her man is not in the entertainment industry.

50 Cent Goes For His Ex “Chelsea Handler’s” Final Show

Some of you may not know this but rapper 50 Cent and comedienne/talk-show host Chelsea Handler dated for a couple of months back in 2012. A few weeks after they broke up, Chelsea embarrassed the hell out of 50 after she told radio DJ Howard Stern that she dumped him and called him a street person because his side chick at the time, Ciara, kept stalking them.

Apparently all is forgiven because 50 Cent showed up for the final episode of ‘Chelsea Lately on E!
On stage, Chelsea, who admitted she hadn’t seen the rapper since their nasty break-up, joked,

“I wanted to apologize because I did end our relationship abruptly and I know you didn’t come on the show for many years…but I want you to know that I have not dated a black man since. They say, ‘Once you go black, you never go back’ You come running back!”

Chelsea tells Howard Stern about their messy break up,
It was so dumb. it’s almost embarrassing. I really can’t remember the exact the details, but I’ll tell you what I can remember. I think one of his ex-girlfriends was coming on my show and she’s one of those singers -I can’t remember her name. She’s really hot. He was dating her I guess previous to me.

Right before Anguilla, Ciara–that’s her name!–was coming on the show, and he called me to tell me something about her like she still calls him all the time, and she still tells him that she loves him or something. And I’m at my job, and I go “Curtis, honestly this is like eighth grade sh*t. Why are you telling me this? This girl is coming on the show tomorrow, and now I have to look at her and think you guys have some weird thing going on or had going on.” It was so juvenile. I’m at my work and I work my ass off all the time, and I have million different things and even though it’s not like important work, I am working hard. I’m doing sh*t. He said, “I want you to hear this conversation” and he was like calling someone like a 3-way phone call. I go, “So you’re telling me this girl wants to get back together with you, but she’s upset that you’re dating me, is that what you’re saying?” He’s like, “Yeah, so I just want you to know when she comes.”

I think I called him the worst thing you could say to a black person short of calling him the N-word. I said something like you’re like a street person basically. Something along the lines of being a gangster, and it was really, really offensive and I hung up and I’ve never spoken to him again.

Mariah Carey Tops TIME’s List Of Most Successful, Enduring Pop Stars

TIME has calculated that the 45-year-old R&B diva has had the longest, most consistently successful career of her peers.
The magazine’s infographic outlines every major artist since 1960 to make it to the Billboard Top 10, and appropriate points were assigned based on rank/time on the chart which showed Mariah’s best year to be 2005 when she released the singles We Belong Together, Don’t Forget About Us, and Shake It Off.