Pastor Oyakhilome’s wife files for divorce over alleges adultery?

According to The Cable, the dissolution of the marriage between Christ Embassy Church founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and his wife, Rev. Anita Odegwa Oyakhilome, has entered the final phase.

The wife is seeking divorce on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour” and “adultery”. She outlined several allegations against the pastor which cannot publish for legal reasons. The divorce case, with Suit No FD14D01650, was filed on April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, UK, on Anita’s behalf by Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors, a full-service law firm with expertise in commercial law and a strong consumer focus in family, wills and estate, personal injury law and medical negligence.

Efforts to reconcile the popular couple, whose church is one of the biggest denominations in Nigeria and has branches all over world, have failed. They have two teenage daughters, Sharon and Charlyn.

Oyakhilome is the president of Believers’ Love World Inc, the registered name of the Christian ministry, while his wife is the vice-president. The pastor, according to an elder of the church, has denied allegations of adultery and believes his wife is being influenced by “bad friends” who are intent on destroying their home. While Anita believes she has been relegated in the scheme of things in the church, her husband has reportedly accused her of trying to usurp power and authority above her seniors in the ministry. Sources told TheCable that the pastor had been making efforts to avoid divorce in the hope that the wife would eventually have a change of mind. However, the decree nissi was served on the charismatic pastor in his hotel room during a recent visit to the UK. Decree nissi, in legal terms, is like a yellow card in a football match which is a precursor to a red card (“decree absolute”) if no new evidence is provided to stall proceedings.
Church insiders said Oyakhilome had been hoping for rapprochement, but he was left with no option than to receive the papers when the lawyers cornered him at his hotel in London. The decree absolute, which will effectively end the marriage, is expected to be issued soon while terms of the divorce will be worked out by the lawyers on both sides.

Source: TheCable


Woo! Sexy Oge Okoye in New Photo

Oge Okoye is a Nigerian actress. Born in London, she graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe Universitywith a degree in Theatre Arts. One of the best actress in the industry. Check out her sexy new photo below…

She Reveals “Am still in a relationship” – Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic covers the latest issue of Blanck Digital magazine& she slays it!

In the mag the Nollywood star dishes on a topic she usually shies away from…her love life. She reveals she is currently in a relationship and is very happy. Speaking on her love life Rita said,

I feel grateful, thankful and excited as well. Not many have the opportunity to get to this number and for the most part, I have had a good life. Yes I am dating someone and I am in a happy place. I’m good.

She also reveals that her man is not in the entertainment industry.

50 Cent Goes For His Ex “Chelsea Handler’s” Final Show

Some of you may not know this but rapper 50 Cent and comedienne/talk-show host Chelsea Handler dated for a couple of months back in 2012. A few weeks after they broke up, Chelsea embarrassed the hell out of 50 after she told radio DJ Howard Stern that she dumped him and called him a street person because his side chick at the time, Ciara, kept stalking them.

Apparently all is forgiven because 50 Cent showed up for the final episode of ‘Chelsea Lately on E!
On stage, Chelsea, who admitted she hadn’t seen the rapper since their nasty break-up, joked,

“I wanted to apologize because I did end our relationship abruptly and I know you didn’t come on the show for many years…but I want you to know that I have not dated a black man since. They say, ‘Once you go black, you never go back’ You come running back!”

Chelsea tells Howard Stern about their messy break up,
It was so dumb. it’s almost embarrassing. I really can’t remember the exact the details, but I’ll tell you what I can remember. I think one of his ex-girlfriends was coming on my show and she’s one of those singers -I can’t remember her name. She’s really hot. He was dating her I guess previous to me.

Right before Anguilla, Ciara–that’s her name!–was coming on the show, and he called me to tell me something about her like she still calls him all the time, and she still tells him that she loves him or something. And I’m at my job, and I go “Curtis, honestly this is like eighth grade sh*t. Why are you telling me this? This girl is coming on the show tomorrow, and now I have to look at her and think you guys have some weird thing going on or had going on.” It was so juvenile. I’m at my work and I work my ass off all the time, and I have million different things and even though it’s not like important work, I am working hard. I’m doing sh*t. He said, “I want you to hear this conversation” and he was like calling someone like a 3-way phone call. I go, “So you’re telling me this girl wants to get back together with you, but she’s upset that you’re dating me, is that what you’re saying?” He’s like, “Yeah, so I just want you to know when she comes.”

I think I called him the worst thing you could say to a black person short of calling him the N-word. I said something like you’re like a street person basically. Something along the lines of being a gangster, and it was really, really offensive and I hung up and I’ve never spoken to him again.

TRUE LIFE STORY : “TRAPPED IN SCHOOL” – A Must Read For Every Nigerian Youth @mayourspeaks

I was about beginning today’s pratical on my FINAL YEAR PROJECT, as I held the laboratory apparatus to continue the routine that I have been on for the past 3days it immediatly dawned on me that I was a FAILED SCIENTIST. At that moment I dropped the laboratory apparatus, located my pen and writing pad and immediatly scanned for a quiet place to pour out MY DEEPEST THOUGHTS

I am writing this short “FACTS ABOUT ME” for someone out there. I’m sure someone needs to learn from my mistakes. I will be so so speaking and dwelling on my SCHOOLING Challenges.

I attended LAGOS STATE MODEL COLLEGE MEIRAN, I was just like every other student in School, I was an Introvert way back High school.. I was Scared about the Future, All I wanted was to Make My Parents Proud of Me,” Most Especially My MUM “I had always believed schooling was the only way to achieve My Dream.

I didn’t really discover Myself, I was always living on decisions made by my teachers, colleagues and parents. While In primary school, I won different awards for my school academically and was on scholarship on different occasions, but that wasn’t the REAL me..

I headed to Secondary School and continued in that same SCHOOLING behavior, I managed to be @least Top 10 Best students in my SET at the LSMCM during my junior school days. Infact, if I can remember so well I was once the BEST MATHEMATICS Student for my set… But OMG that wasn’t the Real Me


Immediately our junior WAEC was out, my teachers suggested I get myself into the ” SCIENCE CLASS ”

Finding myself in the Science Class was one of the Biggest Mistake of my life. I was naïve. My teachers and school suggested I go to the science class due to my performance at the Junior Waec. So joyfully I headed to science Dept, Lol! I can remember my first TEST ever in the sciences was 0 out of 20 sums. Mr TONODE was my Physics teacher, I never knew my journey as a failed scientist has Just begun.

I struggled to finish well in the sciences after failing my WAEC O’level with Grade “D” Parallel, Thanks to NECO who got me into COLLEGE..

2009 I got my way into the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta to study” Soil Science and Land Management “. Friends! That name Soil Science and Land Management alone whispered into my ears saying” You have Just began your Journey as a Failed Scientist “.

I struggled my 1st year to finish with a good grade, but yet I wasn’t happy because that wasn’t me. I knew deep down in me that Soil Science or anything Sciences wasn’t Me.. I gave up on the sciences immediately I got to my YEAR 2. I decided to discover my real self.

I stopped being an Introvert, I became a naughty EXTRO-VERT. LOL! Talking and Gossiping was my Hobby; Meeting People and Getting to know stuffs was what I wanted; Speaking was what I actually Loved doing. OMG! I discovered myself when I was in my Year 4… Friends can I walk out of the sciences after spending over 12years doing what wasn’t Me? Using 12 Years to study what was Not My area of Concentration is simply a waste of time.

NOTE: The fact I was good In mathematics doesn’t mean I was meant to be a Science Student. Mathematics was the only core course I can never score anything below ” GRADE A ”

I discovered lately that I had a lot of people who followed me on all social media network. I discovered that over 200,000 people in one way or the other read my article daily.

Then I discovered ” Mass Communication ” would have been the best place for me, but alas! It was Late already, age wasn’t on my side anymore.

2014, I started ROCKCITYGIST.COM as a small platform to exercise my Gossiping Skills Lol! Lo and behold I found joy in what I was doing, I was doing it for FUN. Though it was FUN at first, but later it became FUND for Me. It became FUND because I loved what I was doing- that was the real me..

In less than 4months, I became a Controversial Blogger ( Gossiper ) in my State- OGUN STATE. I began to surfing for Information. I moved from one place to the other just to get information. I was Happy, I felt fulfilled.

With what I do, I have met a lot of people who ordinarily I wouldn’t have known if I were a bloody scientist, I won’t have met likes of Former Hon. Speaker House of Assembly” Rt Hon Dimeji Bankole” , I have met a lot of actors, actresses, musicians and many more In Nigeria that has helped build my dream. That was the real me- Talking,Gossiping,Publishing and Writing

I Became the most Influencial youth In my state ” LINK UK ” in Just 5 months of me facing My Real Goals.

Happy to say I will be leaving University in less dan 25days. I’m doing nothing than Laminating My certificate as a science Student and I will be keeping it in the BANK.

Then I will pursue the Real Me.

ADVICE: Friends, Take Your time to discover Your real self, The Bible Says ” The Gift of a Man maketh way for HIM”

We all can’t be Doctors, Engineers, Pilots and co… Take Note of something today, the Richest People today are those who worked with their GIFTS.

I have decided to create a Work for Myself and not a Job. I want Nigerian Youths at large to Arise! Discover their selves! Pursue their Passion!

PARENTS: Pls Take your time to discover your kids at their young age.“Never Force a Kid to be a scholar compulsorily”

I am Adenekan Mayowa Adebayo a.k.a ROCKCITYGIST, I chase GIST for a Living

Follow Mayowa On Twitter: @mayourspeaks

Mariah Carey Tops TIME’s List Of Most Successful, Enduring Pop Stars

TIME has calculated that the 45-year-old R&B diva has had the longest, most consistently successful career of her peers.
The magazine’s infographic outlines every major artist since 1960 to make it to the Billboard Top 10, and appropriate points were assigned based on rank/time on the chart which showed Mariah’s best year to be 2005 when she released the singles We Belong Together, Don’t Forget About Us, and Shake It Off.

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