FG To Lose N100bn As Textile Intervention Programme Fails

The Federal Government’s investment in the Nigerian textile industry to revive it seems to have gone down the drain, as the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mines and Agriculture, yesterday, disclosed that the Cotton Textile Garment Intervention Fund has failed.

National President, NACCIMA, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, said the N100 billion intervention failed because the issues of raw materials and machinery were not taken into consideration before putting up the programme.

“If you give loan on an existing factory to develop, when the raw material is not being supplied competitively, when the loan is not enough to change the machineries completely to be competitive to world standard, you are not going to make it. It is just like putting a new engine in a broken car. You cannot get the result,” said Abubakar.

According to him, to ensure the revival of the textile sector, a number of issues should have been put in place, such as ensuring that the country is competing effectively in the production of cotton according to world standard and also that our machinery are producing effectively and efficiently to world standards and are able to make the companies compete favourably.

He said, “Firstly, the major raw material is the cotton, secondly is the machineries, if they are not around how can we be competitive by world standard? Thirdly, training, how do we train people to work competitively?

“So these are the issues being developed on the textile industry. When they finish the research we will start first with the agricultural development of long fibre cotton and if it is being produced and developed competitively, then you get the investors, maybe in conjunction with other existing investor to go mega with bigger industries that will give that competitive edge.

“We allow ourselves to be importing the textiles and those factories in China are really mega and huge. To be able to compete with them we need to have a scheme similar to that of cement and that is what the government is doing now.

He disclosed that at present, NACCIMA and the Federal Ministry of Industry are looking at the reasons why the intervention did not work, in order to forestall future occurrence.

Abubakar, who was on a visit to Vanguard also announced its intention to partner with Vanguard Newspaper and other media houses in setting up a National Working Plan on how to increase the production and availability of newsprint in Nigeria.

He lamented the increasing importation of newsprint into the country despite the fact that the country has the capacity to be a major exporter of the commodity.

According to him, Nigeria has the competitive advantage of producing newsprint because we have vast landmass and our agricultural development, if well enhanced will be able to produce the raw material at a reasonable price.

“We will put up a consortium of business men and investors and also work with newspaper houses and other users of the product to determine the actual demand of the product, draw up a work plan and then we will talk to the appropriate Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government to discuss our proposals,” Abubakar said.


How To Download Android Paid Apps For Free On Google Play

Today, for the sake of newbies I’ll be sharing with us vital application that will make you an international chairman on Android market. If there is any thing many people don’t like to see is to attempt downloading an application on Google Play, and you now see enter your credit card to buy; it sucks. But I know of some who will dash straight into their wallet and enter their credit card details to buy.

This tutorial will teach you how to download paid apps on Android market for free in simple steps.


First of all, let me introduce you to BlackMart. Blackmart Alpha allows you to download for free any paid application available on their servers. The application has an excellent user interface that lets you search and find apps and games easily. Although the downloads are not the fastest, they are usually very stables. BlackMart also has filters that allows you to sort applications by name, size, price, date and value and gives you the ability to uninstall applications and make a backup of them. Blackmart is one of the best stores to download Android apps and games for free. 

Applanet: Applanet is another Android application market where you can download paid app for free. The only disadvantage with this applanet is that it’s not always online. But you can give it a trial.
Before your Download BlackMart, set your device to install  from unknown source by going to 

==>Click the “Menu” button on your home-screen.
==>Go to “settings”.
==>Now go to “Application” tab.
==>Now click the “Unknown Sources” option.

That’s it. Now you can install any application from outside the Google Store.

How Can I Download BlackMart & Applanet
1.       Download BlackMart here
2.       Download Applanet here
3.       Run and install it on your device (either BlackMart or Applanet)
4.       Open and surf for the app you want to download. 

That is it friends. It so amazing downloading paid apps on google play  free and even surf the net free if possible.

NNPC Sends 33m Litres Of Petrol To Ease Scarcity In Lagos


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on Monday said that it has injected additional 33 million litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) into Lagos to ease the ongoing scarcity of the product in the city.

NNPC said in statement in Abuja that it is determined to ease the discomfort being experienced by motorists and commuters in Lagos and its environs, thus the additional fuel supplies to it.

Fuel scarcity has worsened in Lagos in the past few days with some of the filling stations selling above the approved pump price of PMS. Black market practices had also resurfaced in the Nigeria’s commercial city, with peddlers already having a regular presence on major roads to sell fuel in gallons.

Many are of the opinion that the scarcity being witnessed in Lagos is artificial, but the next few days will tell, as NNPC’s reported additional supply of PMS is expected to assuage the pains of Lagosians who have had to spend hours queuing for fuel.

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